How to Repot an Indoor Plant

Do you have a plant (or two) with roots protruding from the bottom of its pot? Is it absorbing water faster than normal? Does the pot look small in comparison to the size of the plant? If so, it’s probably time to repot your plant!

Repotting a plant is fairly easy, but there are some tricks you must bear in mind to be successful. If you follow the steps below, your plants will thank you!

  1. Gather necessities: You’ll need potting soil, a new pot with drainage (slightly larger than the pot your plant is currently in), and of course the plant you’re repotting. We also recommend having a small shovel handy, and doing this outside as it can be messy. Repotting outside also gives you an excuse to enjoy some extra sunshine!
  2. Add potting soil to the new pot: Cover the bottom of the new pot with some potting soil.
  3. Remove the plant from its current pot: Turn the potted plant upside down, using one hand to hold the plant in the pot. It can be helpful to hold the plant’s stem. Gently wiggle to remove the pot.
  4. Place the plant in the pot: After putting the plant in its new pot, adjust how much soil is underneath it so that the plant sits about an inch from the top of the pot. We want the new soil to cover as much of the plant as the old soil did.
  5. Add more potting soil: Pour potting soil around the plant to fill in the rest of the pot and hold the plant upright.
  6. Water the plant: Add water slowly until it starts to leak out of the bottom of the pot.
  7. Add more potting soil, if necessary: If the soil no longer covers as much of the plant that was originally covered, add some more.
  8. Keep the plant out of sunlight: Repotted plants need time to adjust to a new pot. To avoid baking the plant, keep it out of direct sunlight for a few days. If necessary, use a flower pot or table to keep the plant in the shade.

Using the tips above will help you effectively repot your plant, which will allow it to be happier and healthier, especially between waterings.


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