5 Easy, Kid-Friendly Vegetables to Grow in your Garden

You’ve probably heard that a great way to encourage your children to eat healthy is to include them in the food preparation. If you want to take that a step further, try including them in the planting, growing, and harvesting of vegetables! Not only will children enjoy digging in the garden, but it will teach them patience as they watch their hard work grow into something they can eventually enjoy at the dinner table with family (not to mention how much better homegrown vegetables taste than store-bought)!

  1. Carrots: Carrots are the first item on this list because they can be eaten raw. Unlike the most of the following crops, carrots can be harvested, rinsed with the garden hose, and enjoyed in the moment. This creates some great family-bonding moments.
  2. Snow peas: Next time the kids are driving you crazy, simply send them out to the garden to pick snow peas! During peak season, it can be a daily task to catch snow peas before they’re too big. These munchable peas can also be eaten raw, but most prefer them cooked; a quick steam results in incredibly fresh goodness.
  3. Squash: What do your children love more than carving a pumpkin for Halloween? Carving one they grew themselves! Don’t forget, after Halloween, you can use it to make soup! If the squash is small, your children can decorate it instead of carving it.
  4. String beans: Not only do fresh string beans taste ten times (dare I say 100 times?) better than store bought, but they’re also slightly fuzzy (think peach fuzz) and squeak when you bite into them. Store bought string beans simply can’t compete. (We recommend “bush beans” rather than “pole beans”, because pole string beans require an extra step- a pole or string to climb up.)
  5. Cucumber: Whether you want a homegrown addition to your salad, a hydrating snack for the kids, or pickles over the winter, cucumbers are your vegetable!

Your kids are sure to notice the (delicious) difference between homegrown and store-bought vegetables, all while being taught how to garden, grow their own food, and more. What did your children learn from gardening with you? Comment below!

If having your own vegetable garden isn’t possible, you can still enjoy and share fresh produce with your children by visiting the Bryn Athyn Bounty Farm Market every Saturday morning over the summer!


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